Devin Lawrence Reynolds

I paint the bittersweet. I’ve always been able to find the sublime in things most take for granted, the dimples of an orange or an old discarded toy. Who says that a well worn pair of boots can’t be beautiful? I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the trees are tall, the green is blue, the coffee flows freely, and donuts are considered their own food group. Like many, I started as a self-taught artist, devouring books, attending workshops, and experimenting in my studio. But something was missing. I needed to fully understand the process. So I decided to find the experts. This journey led me to Florence, Italy, and the Angel Academy, where I was fortunate to live for several years and study with living masters.
My work borrows from Stoicism and Middle Eastern philosophies, exploring the
ageless human themes of love, struggle, and redemption. I look for the light emerging from the dark, not as a judgment but as a tool of discovery. I hope you enjoy my work.

Current Galleries:
Smith and Vallee Gallery - Edison, WA
Lovett’s Gallery - Tulsa, Ok
Devin Lawrence Reynolds