Perri Lynch Howard

Landscapes are not just vistas, they contain sonic forces I weave into
visual stories. Informed by a meticulous process of listening,
recording, and analysis, my paintings pulse with unheard tremors and
the defiant symphonies of vanishing ecosystems.
The “Frequencies” series invites you to step into these resonant
forces, to perceive the invisible language of place, and reestablish
intimacy with the natural world, at a time when our landscapes and
coastlines are more vulnerable than ever.
Awakening to the power of sound has transformed me from a passive
observer to an active listener. I paint the ocean's tidal fugue, melting
glaciers' mournful sighs, the coyote's canyon echo. Grids and
perspective lines imply an underlying cartography – a map not of
physical space but of sensory awareness.
From my studio in Twisp, Washington, this work reverberates globally
through exhibitions and projects completed in the Arctic Circle, Italy,
Portugal, Canada, India, and the Amazon.
Perri Lynch Howard