Carly Brock

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Raised in the Skagit Valley by an artist father, Carly Brock’s path to landscape painting

came about quite naturally. After an inspiring upbringing observing father Joel Brock’s career,

she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma,

WA. Brock then spent five years in Los Angeles’s South Bay teaching art lessons through several

non-profit organizations and developing her portfolio as a working artist. She has since moved

to the Lake Tahoe Basin to pursue painting full-time.

Artist Statement

Carly Brock has always been inspired by one’s sense of place. She explores the nostalgic

belonging attached to locations throughout our lives through representational landscape

painting. Most of her work over the last ten years has centered around her vibrant attachment

to the Skagit Valley. Her current body of work is a specific collaboration between her father’s

reference photos of the Valley and her own stylistic approach, finding moments of grandness in

a sunset as well as moments of stillness in quiet farmscapes. Brock will continue to explore the

communication between sky, land, and water through the language of color and light.

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